Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Dynamic infrastructure by Janpata

The project is to propose a new dynamic infrastructural network that serves as a datum to the changing condition of the amphibious landscape, highlighting the dynamic features of the previously inaccessible site, as well as responding to the delicacy of the preserved natural park. 

First of all, to introduce the city of Cadiz. The city is situated on the southwestern part of the Spain and lies on a narrow spit of land by a bay of cadiz. There are 3 towns surrounding the bay of cadiz which is 1. cadiz 2.san fernando 3. puerto real which cadiz and puerto real has a population around 40,000 and san fernando is a town in the province of Cádiz, Spain. It is home to more than 97,500 inhabitants Covering an area of some 30 km2. , it is connected to Cadiz City by an eight kilometer strip of land and for centuries was connected on the rest of the mainland only by the Zuazo bridge. Most of the town around was divided by an area of wetland that some part of it, were used as natural park or some part that has been preserved with no accessibility. In the fact that wetland is one of a potential landscape that provide significant economic, social and cultural benefits. an important for primary products such as pastures, timber and fish and support recreational and tourist activities. important services to our environment; and when it disappears, so do those services. We lose vital flood protection, water cleansing, and food. People who hunt, fish, canoe, and photograph wildlife also rely on wetlands and All of the animals and plants that live in that habitat for all or part of their lives often have nowhere else to go. thats why wetland is so important to preserve.

So, My interest of the site is mainly based on its extreme contrast characters of the two lands, one highly dense with infrastructure and the other purely natural wetland which my site selected is a large peninsular of wet land along a sancti petri canal in the right hand side and atlatntic ocean in the left , the site including a 3 interesting aspect of landscape by 1 is the area of a marshland , and a swamp vegetation. 2.is an area that connect to a high depth of the sancti petri canal 3. is the estuary of the canal that connect to the atlantic ocean that’s also why there is no infrastructure connecting the San Fernando city and the extension of the Sancti petri that connect to A town of Chiclana de la Frontera.So these wetland is completely divided these two cities

Since there is an only Zuazo bridge to cross from San Fernando town that’s become a problem situated for people who lives in the city that has to go to the Sancti petri or Chiclana for a work or hang around. Most of people has to take a detour up above and downward to another place that taking more than an hour to reach there. So It approaches me to design a new dynamic infrastructure network that give dynamic experiences both directly and indirectly to people. The direct experience will be the physical experience on structures that constantly transform through tidal changes, and the indirect experience will be the structures that only act as an indicator, allowing people to know where to occupy and where not to occupy, or where is wet and where is dry. So here there is a total of 6 components through my site 1. is an express track that located on a part of back shore along the beach 2. is a local trail located on the wetland that experiencing an understanding of the wetland guiding to an different interesting wildlife observation spots,mostly for people who comes hiking At the same time I also propose an recreation spot that experiencing a wildlife by, 1. a bird observing area located on the landscape that has highly vegetation on marshland which that makes its fruitful as a wildlife resources , 2. is an area of fishing dock according to a depth of the water which become a hotspot for people to comes fishing , 3- rest station is where these two local trail and express track intersected, And the last one is a bridge that also a combination of these two contrasting infrastructure where its cross Sancti petri canal from San Fernando to another city.

The express infrastructure

These 3km linear infrastructure is the fastest connection from san fernando to chiclana de la frontera through a preserve wetland area, by the idea is mainly based on how to create a structure that not destroy a nature as a light structure. This structure consist of two lane of biking and walking but is not only serve a people as a boardwalk but also work as an indicator to understand a landscape better and allow people to know which part of the beach would be able to occupy or which is dangerous, by proposing an offset line of the area that people would occupy a beach 100meter away a shoreline and cut a section to understand a landscape in the different slope of a beach to construct a walkway in the same slope according to a bike lane . So the structure of walk lane could be adaptable during a change of the slope along the way.

The local trail

In this area where a trail is located is in the area of fore island dunes that include many types of landscape such as a swamp vegetation, barrier flat or a sand dune. The idea of creating this trail is mainly based on the understanding of the landscape by mark a point of landscape that be able to accessible on a dune island and a part that is a linkage between these 2 island by the part that be able to actually walk on the dune consist of this device as a guiding for people who comes hiking to understand that which part might be flooding abit form tidal changes or which part is completely dry.

Bird observing area

In the fact that there are a two primary resources being sought are food and nesting location for birds to migrate. So a bird observing spot is consisting of two circulation that allow people to access both when the tide is high and low, by when the tide is low there is also a specific area in shallow water where bird can reach fish both at the surface of water and when the tide is high the view changing according to a water surface that reaching to higher level of a dune and that’s make more landscape serve better for bird to hanging on a vegetation dune and to hunt a fish. And also there is a bird watch tower that is the combination of these two scenery for both when the tidal changes.

Fishing dock

Also the idea of placing a dock is the same system as a bird watch by where a dock placing fishing dock in different area according to where is the most spot for fishing in both low tide and high tide. by the best depth variation spot for fishing is around 6 meters from a water surface.so from this system would be able easily for people to know which dock would be the best time to go fishing and also each dock is be able to acces from a boat directly .

Rest station

The 2 Rest station is where these two local lane and express lane are intersected. The building is design to be a part of express link and a local trail. The design is respond in two terms of user in the way of provide a comfortable for people that want to continuous on the express lane and people that need to take a rest from their hiking on a trail. Consisting of restroom, café, or a rental equipment for water sport.

The tidal bridge

A tidal bridge is an amphibious bridge that across the Sancti petri canal to connect the towns of San Fernando and Chiclana de la Frontera. The bridge serve as a both walkway and a recreation center for both city san fernando and chiclana..

Due to a location of a tidal street is place on the estuary of Sancti petri canal that connect to an Atlantic ocean. The design is more focus on a tidal change of the water and the way of combining an express track and a local walk as in one. So the idea is by using opposite dynamics of the water flow of the tide as a generator for a new connection respond to occupants. From researching on the Cadiz tidal chart there is a semidiurnal tide in Cadiz which mean this areas have two tides and two low tides each day. When the two highs and the two lows are about the same height. By when the flow of water is low is around 8.00 am and 6.00 pm so this structure would serve better in a straight circulation for a workers who using this bridge as an express way. And when the tide is high around 11.00 am and 11.00 pm a bridge would activate more for tourist or people who come here for hang around as a recreation center by the structure would be able to present a center platform in each program more comfortable than when the tide is low due to the change of circulation according to a structure.
The design does not only allow access across the site allowing circulations to flow, but also giving people opportunities to discover and explore a bigger boundary of preserved natural sights in Cadiz.